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uber-clean dilution options

Depending on the needs of your facility there are a number of options available for you to enjoy high performance products “from concentrate”. Once your facility is set up with the appropriate dilution device, we will supply you with the concentrate… you supply the water! Imagine the chemical savings your facility would realize once you integrate foam soap that costs 80-90% less than cartridges! How about a product that works better than Windex… but only costing pennies per quart? Besides the huge cost savings is the saved space since each bottle of concentrate will replace multiple cases of most traditional chemicals! Having several individual products on hand will be a thing of the past, since your facility can accomplish over 90% of its cleaning tasks with just one high performance concentrate, dispensed at various ratios. Don’t forget to check out our new diverter device that allows you to access water for your dilution units, without wasting space with untidy, coiled up garden hoses!

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