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Welcome to uber-clean!

uber-clean is an innovative company. One that has set the important goal of helping entities in multiple segments find more efficient and environmentally friendly maintenance solutions.

Housekeeping and maintenance technologies have evolved… they are still evolving.

There is more attention now on how cleaning chemistry effects the environment… how it effects us. There is also plenty of focus on how to achieve higher efficiency levels… save labor costs… save actual chemical costs.

Sadly, most popular options that incorporate more environmentally correct maintenance solutions end up costing more than they should. This is where uber-clean comes to the rescue! Whether your entity would simply benefit from consulting or training… actual chemistry and/or equipment… even complete programs that integrate contracted services, uber-clean can improve your present situation with something better than you ever imagined!

Our Products

uber-orange high efficiency H202 enhanced cleaner

This is your chance to greatly simplify the cleaning chemistry with your facility, and do it with one of the most environmentally compliant formulas. uber-orange is a multi-ratio solution… so it becomes different products at different dilutions. This allows you to accomplish 90% of your cleaning with one concentrate.

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uber-foam high performance hand wash concentrate

Now you can save 80-90% on the cost of hand soap by simply converting to a refillable dispenser!
Stop allowing huge chemical corporations from charging you so much for something your facility already has available… water!

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uber-zyme enzymatic liquid concentrate

A high performance bio-based digester and odor counteractant. It is all about ‘good’ bacteria eating ‘bad’ bacteria… in a ready-to-use liquid that can be sprayed or poured where needed.

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uber-12 high performance acidic cleaner

Formulated for use to control the build-up of mineral deposits, uber-12 is the perfect blend of surfactants and hydrochloric acid… at 12% acid content, it is powerful enough to give great results, but not too potent to become hazardous for the end user.

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uber-shock high performance low ph cleaner

A specialized concentrate formulated for restoring and maintaining tiled surfaces. Through the power of buffered mineral salts, uber-shock will strip away all contaminants that build up. A scheduled maintenance program that includes uber-shock will revive the slip resistance of tiled floors.

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uber-clean dilution equipment options

We have teamed up with RD industries to offer your facility the most efficient dilution units on the market today! So simple and compact, our units will free up space, and are very easy to maintain. We even offer portable dilution units for those facilities with large numbers of dispensers.

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If you are curious about how your facility can maintain its spaces more efficiently… or just in a more environmentally friendly way, contact us today!