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Did you know that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria? Of course, the bad bacteria is the major source of the odors associated with your typical messes we fight to clean on a daily basis. Enzymatic cleaners are products enhanced with billions of good spores that consume all bad bacteria they come in contact with… kind of an interesting technology. This technology has been available on the market for many years now… so it is no surprise that many chemical companies have their own version of this type of product. As a general rule, the enzyme liquids on the market that seemingly cost less, usually have less actual spores (watered down) You already know what we are going to tell you next… and, yes our uber-zyme is not the watered down variety! Simply add a trigger sprayer, the next time you find the need to clean an area exposed to bio- based messes, spray some uber-zyme onto the affected area and let it sit there. Let the good bacteria do all the work!

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